What is a cat cafe?

cat ca·fe


  1. a cafe or similar establishment where people pay to interact with cats housed on the premises.


 Why is there a fee to visit the kitties?

While our primary goal is to provide you with a unique environment to fall in love with your next 'fur baby', we do charge a nominal fee to help pay for the beautiful space and care for the cats. If we didn't charge an hourly rate, we wouldn't be able to keep a roof over our kitties' heads.


Can I bring my own cat?

To keep the resident cats healthy and stress-free (as well as your own cat), we do not allow customers to bring their own cats in


Where do you get your cats?

Providence Animal Center in Media, PA



Why are the cats separate from the cafe?

We have worked closely with Health and Safety to design a space that is safe and healthy for our guests.  This is why we have a completely separate area for our cats to relax and play.  We also have special doors for intake and adoptions so no kitty will go through our cafe at any point.  We strive to have the cleanest and healthiest cafe for our guests, and this helps ensure that all food and drink is free from kitty hair.


What if I don’t like cats but just want some coffee?

Café walk-ins are always welcome! Our café side acts just as a normal coffee shop, so feel free to come in and order a delicious specialty drink – visiting the Cat Lounge is certainly not a requirement. There will be no cats on the café side at any time, and you are welcome to use the seating there without ever coming in contact with a cat